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Frequently asked Dental questions:

Q.   When can employees be added to the Group Dental Insurance Plan?
A.   During the group's annual open enrollment period. Or, if an employee is a new hire, they can be added after they meet the group's waiting period requirements.

Q.   When can I add my spouse or children to my Group Dental Coverage?
A.   During the group's annual open enrollment period, or within 30 days of a lifestyle change.

Q.   Where can I get dental claim forms?
A.   Most dentists will use their own forms and file the claim for you. If you find you still need a form,  click here. (This claim form cannot be used in the state of Colorado. Please contact your dentist office or our customer service department for the appropriate form.)

Q.   How can I check my claim status?
A.   Click on Dental Claims Status and follow the directions. Or you may call our Claims Center at (800) 487-5553.

Q.   I need to go to the dentist but I don't have my identification card. What do I do?
A.   All you have to do is make an appointment and give the dentist your Policy/Certificate I.D. number. Your dentist will call our Claims Center at (800) 487-5553 for eligibility and benefit verification.

Frequently asked billing questions:

Q.   Have you received my last payment?
A.   Payments often cross in the mail with the most recent statement. If your payment has been sent, please pay from the current amount due column.

Q.   How do I terminate an employee's coverage?
A.   Line off the employee from the list bill and deduct his/her premium from the total amount due, or go to the Customer Login Page and follow the directions. This will take you to the online Change Card. You can also add or cancel dependents or change addresses and names.