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Dental Benefits & Claims - Group and Individual

Your Dentist should call our claims department at (800) 653-4427, and use our automated benefit system, which will fax your benefit information back to him/her with a quick response.
Your dentist should mail claims to:

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.
PO Box 82520
Lincoln, NE 68501

Most dentists will use their own forms and file the claim for you. If you find you still need a form, you may also download a dental claim form from our site. This claim form cannot be used in the state of Colorado. Please contact your dentist office or our customer service department for the appropriate form.

In June 2012 Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. will begin processing your claims.

Check claim status for claims processed June 2012 and after.

For all other Dental Benefit & Claims Question, please email us at group@ameritas.com or call us at (855) 517-5307.

Ameritas Edge Vision Perfect Benefits & Claims

You may visit any vision provider you choose. Pay the vision provider at the time of service, then submit a claim to Ameritas for reimbursement as described in your maximum covered expense list of benefits.

Ask your provider to complete Ameritas Vision Claim Form, available at ameritas.com. Then send the completed form to:

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.
P.O. Box 82520
Lincoln, NE 68501

Because there are no frequency limitations with this Vision Perfect plan, you may use your annual vision dollar amount for covered procedures and frames, prescription lenses and contacts.

VSP (Insured Vision Plan and VSP Voluntary Vision) Benefits and Claims

Once you have located a VSP participating doctor, follow these guidelines:

When making an appointment, provide the following information:

Member's name and identify yourself as a VSP member with Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.
Member's ID Number
Member's date of birth or dependent's date of birth

The doctor will call VSP and obtain authorization for services, and materials.

The participating doctor will file the claim for you.

View benefit information.

Non-participating doctors

When using a non-participating doctor, you must call (800) 877-7195, for eligibility information and use an Out-Of-Network Reimbursement Form.

The insured may mail an itemized receipt, including Member ID Number, patient's name, patient's date of birth, and mailing address, from a non-participating doctor to:

VSP Claims Department
P.O. Box 997105
Sacramento, CA 95899-7105

For all other Benefit and Claims questions, please call VSP at (800) 877-7195.

All Other Claims

For all other claim inquiries, please email us at claims@bnlac.com or call us at (855) 517-5307.
Please provide the type of coverage you have, your policy number and the Insured's Name.